About Me

I'm Kathy Kornei and I've been making jewelry for eighteen years. I am interested in all sorts of jewelry projects including delicate beadwork, fusing my own glass beads, and metalworking. Some of my recent projects have been inspired by The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I create unique circlets (headpieces) from various gauges and tones of metal interwoven with hand-sculpted ivy leaves and hanging beaded strands. These circlets have been worn in several weddings. I greatly enjoy creating these circlets; each is an original design made to the customer's specifications.

A custom circlet created for a wedding; this piece features pearls, crystals, and silver ivy leaves.

I am also very involved in the model horse hobby. For those not familiar with this hobby, it's a unique community in which painters, tack-makers, and sculptors come together to produce amazingly detailed pieces of artwork, all for model horses ranging in size from 3" to 12" high. (Yes, adults really do this!). I began collecting the Breyer brand of model horses about ten years ago. After being inspired by the work of other artists, I decided to try my hand at selling my own model-horse creations. Detailed arabian halters and stitched saddle pads were items that I experimented with and successfully sold, but I soon found that I most enjoyed creating miniature, detailed metal horseshoes. I've since become a main horseshoe-supplier for the model horse community and have expanded my line of horseshoes to include three different sizes.

  Metal horseshoes on a model horse (the shoes are 14mm x 14mm).

My professional interest lies in astronomy; I have studied at NASA Ames Research Center, Yale University, and UCLA. My fields of research include Io (satellite of Jupiter), gas clouds within our Galaxy, merging elliptical galaxies, super star clusters in local starburst galaxies, and distant galaxies. I use data sets from the Hubble Space Telescope and telescopes in Hawai'i.

 Observatories at the summit of 14,000 ft Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawai'i.

My other hobbies include juggling, exercising, and being outdoors; during the summer of 2006 I finished a 3,800 mile bicycle trip across America.

- Kathy    


(left to right) Juggling torches; an overlook in Yellowstone National Park