Model Horse Gallery
(above left) An example of my Arabian halter work.
(above right) An arabian collar of my own creation featuring beading, hand-tied tassels, and stitchwork.
(above) Little Bit scale custom draft horses in harness, pulling a detailed wooden cart complete with hay bales and a bucket of carrots. From my personal collection; not for sale.

 The Mystery Piece (can you help ID it?)

(above) Trad scale set-up of the trotter (pacer?) Greyhound, complete with tack, driver, and sulky. Mounted on a heavy wooden block with a small wooden plaque inscribed "Greyhound 1:55 1/4" and another metal plaque inscribed "By the Overs - 1985." A large plastic cover fits over the entire set-up. Any clues are appreciated!