Jewelry Gallery
Golden ivy circlet with fine wire braid. Custom order for F.E. "I think it's simply beautiful; can't wait to wear it for my wedding!" (Texas, USA).
Outdoor beaded artwork consisting of 90 linear feet of glass and crystal beads suspended from trees at Yale University during the springs of 2005 and 2006.

Dragonfly circlet with freshwater pearls, antique glass beads, and Swarovski crystal. Each dragonfly was handsculpted and painted with layers of forest green, rose, and gold paint. Custom order for M.B. (California, USA)

Wedding circlet with pearls, glass crystal, rock crystal, filigree chain, mother-of-pearl, and sculpted ivy leaves. "It is an absolutely beautiful and delicate piece....breath taking."
Custom order for L.P. (Nebraska, USA)

Silver ivy leaf circlet featuring antique pearls, faceted crystal, and filigree bead caps. "It's absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for your hard work and skill."
Custom order for M.S. (Maryland, USA)
Ivy leaf circlet with hanging bead strands. Metalwork in gold, copper, and silver tones. "Thanks again for your beautiful circlet."
-Collection of L. R. (Nova Scotia, Canada)

 Ivy leaf crown featuring golden and silver wire vines and individually hand-sculpted ivy leaves.
"I'm absolutely thrilled with the circlet, and I'm sure my wife will be too.Thank you for making something so lovely." -Collection of A.W. (Helsinki, Finland)